1. What is Olympus Dental Management?

We are a comprehensive billing solution specifically for dentists. We fuse a personalized approach with cutting-edge technological solutions that translates into high-quality, professional services at competitive prices. We cover the submission of electronic claims to over 4,000 insurers including all governmental and private insurers.

2. Do I have to change any systems or software to use your services?

No, we work with whatever system you have. We are very familiar with all dental management systems such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Dentimax, etc. You won’t need to change anything.

3. What are the costs of your billing services?

We charge a percentage of all insurance collections for our comprehensive billing services, billed monthly. The average dental office collects around $40,000 per month: the average salary for front office managers trained in insurance, EOB, and accounts receivable management is $18/hour. The cost to the practice for this employee is over $3000/month including compensation and taxes. The cost to use our services would be about half of that. You increase your NET income by at least over $15,000 annually. In addition your collections would increase due to proper claim filing and our denial management and follow up services. So the actual income increase is even more.

4. Are there any long term contracts and do you offer free trial?

NO long-term contracts required. All services operate on a month-to-month agreement. We offer a 30 day risk free trial.

5. Who handles the payments and deposits, do you record EOB’s?

All of your payments are sent directly to your office, and your office staff handles all deposits; we never handle your money. Most EOBs come via the PM system, those that come to you by mail, you scan and send them to us, and we record them for you.

6. Do you replace our staff members currently working on billing?

Our dental billing services allow your office staff to focus on the daily operations, and give them more time for individualized patient attention. You can refocus your staff to serve other vital roles, or you can reduce your staff cutting your HR expenses.

7. What is your experience in dental billing?

Olympus dental Billing is a nationally recognized resource for dental billing services. Our team of specialists is familiar with the changing payment environment for dentists, with over ten years of experience; allowing us to comply with all established and emergent laws and the constant technological innovation that marks this industry.

8. Does Olympus Dental Billing guarantee its services?

Our dental billing services are guaranteed to meet, and exceed your expectations. We only get paid when our efforts result in successful collection of insurance claims. We guarantee the utmost satisfaction when you choose us, or you don’t pay us.