Does Your Practice Need Help With Dental Billing Issues?

Dental insurance billing can be both complicated and time-consuming. Olympus Dental Billing can help to alleviate this common dilemma with our comprehensive dental billing services, allowing you to collect the compensation that you are owed in your practice.

These common dental billing issues can be remedied with the assistance of our team of dental billing specialists. Take advantage of our comprehensive dental billing services to secure all of your deserved compensation, allowing you to focus on your patients and your practice.

Common Dental Billing Issues

Accounts Receivable

Pursuing accounts receivable is perhaps one of the most significant issues encountered in dentists billing. Although an organized and thorough staff is beneficial for this task, dental office employees often can’t acknowledge and process all dental insurance billing.

Limited Timeframes to Process Claims

Dental billing issues can be extremely time-consuming, meaning that most office managers cannot effectively assist patients, complete bookkeeping tasks and assess pressing billing inquiries while processing dental insurance billing as well.

Sole Responsibility for Dental Billing

Often, the responsibility of dental insurance billing is left to one individual, increasing both the likelihood for further issues and the potential for mistakes. Additionally, should an office manager be absent, all dental billing activities are likely to cease, severely reducing the cash flow.

Errors That Can Cost You Business

Mistakes on patient ledgers can cost a practice business, as dental billing errors, resulting from disordered practices, frequently leave a negative impression on patients. Trust can easily be lost this way, meaning that patients will seek their dental care from alternative, more organized sources.

Olympus Dental Billing Solution

With over 10 years of industry expertise, our company is a national leader in dental billing. Our services guarantee increased revenue for your practice.
Our process for dental billing services is described below, please note that there are variables depending upon the system that you are using; we adapt to any system that you have and work with it.

Step 1: We Work with YOUR Dental Billing Software

Our process begins by connecting to your dental billing software. Depending upon the software you are using, a specialized scanner may be installed in your office. All EOBs are scanned daily by your staff in a simple 30 second process. The EOBs are stored on your server as searchable PDF documents. .

Step 2: Virtual Private Network

We will then create a VPN, or virtual private network, onto your server. By doing so, we allow our team of expert dental billers to securely access your practice’s account. Because your network is encrypted, all of your patient’s electronic information is safe as well. This crucial step means that we are able to correctly adjust patient ledgers and include all of our important notes within just 24 hours.

Step 3: Begin Your Dental Billing Collections

Once we have established the framework for dental billing services, we will then start our team of dental billers on your accounts receivable and insurance claims. Our dental billing services include securing any missing patient information while sending required electronic attachments and implementing proven personal narratives to reduce the likelihood of rejected claims.

Step 4: Regular Reports

Our dental billing company believes in building relationships with our clients, meaning that we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our dental billing services include regular reporting that is delivered via email, allowing us to track production and collections including:

• The number of dental insurance billing claims sent daily.
• The number of dentists billing claims appealed daily.
• The number of corrected claim errors.
• Accounts receivable and monthly collection totals, among other reported numbers.

Eliminate Dental Billing Issues

Professional Appeals

All denied claims are professionally appealed with narration and attachments that would reverse denied claims and help you get paid 100% of what is due from the insurers. Our team of dental billing specialists is available every day to advise your office manager while keeping you informed of and involved in our daily operations.

Free Your Staff

The dental office staff now has time to focus on the patients that are at the office. They have time to answer phone calls, verify patient insurance plans before the patients arrive, accurately present treatment plan estimates to all patients, keep the schedule full, send out recall reminders, manage staff, and personally develop relationships with every patient.

Guaranteed Cash Flow

We provide our dental billing services every day, meaning that should your office manager grow ill or take vacation days, your cash flow will remain uninterrupted. Regardless of the workload in your practice, you will always have our dedicated team of dental billers relentlessly pursuing your accounts receivable and insurance claims.

Accurate Accounting

Our dental billing services are also ensured to post properly to patient ledgers, taking into account all insurance payments and adjustments. This makes disorganized billing a thing of the past, maintaining the loyalty of your patients.

Can We Assist You?

We never receive any money from the insurers or patients – you do. You don’t change your practice management software. We remotely work as if we are in your office–working from your software server and off scanned images of checks and EOBs. NO long-term contract. Your first month of service is absolutely FREE.

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