"The cash flow of our practice has improved significantly since we have been working with Olympus Dental Billing. Their reliability, A/R processes, and customer service are impeccable. Their staff is fantastic about following up and making sure claims get paid. Our practice, had always kept billing in house, and we were very wary of an outside billing company. They have been instrumental in our practice’s financial success. I highly recommend them.
Dr. Edward Holmes DMD
General Dentistry
Los Angeles, CA
"I hired Olympus Dental Billing after struggling to find an affordable and reliable billing company. The transition was smooth and working with my assigned Account Manager made a huge difference to my hectic work routine. We have set aside a time each week to speak over the phone to discuss any issues; I get daily reports via emails. So far I am very satisfied with the company, and the manner in which my account is handled. I would highly recommend them.
Dr. Bianca Anderson DDS
General Dentistry
Baltimore, MD
Working with Olympus Dental Billing has been one of the most beneficial and valuable relationships we have had. Their diligence and perseverance in the filing, processing and follow up of claims has made them an extremely valuable asset to our practice. Their efficient methods and procedures have allowed us to achieve great success regarding income received from claims submitted as well as a significant reduction of our A/R. I would highly recommend their services.
Dr. Richard Lee DDS
General Dentistry
San Francisco, CA